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Through search engines, people find not only the information they need, but also images.

Every search engine uses certain algorithms to search for images. In this case, along with the image, search engines also provide a link to the page of the site where the image is located. It is also important that the position of the site for text content is not related to its position in pictures. For example, a site for the sale of bicycles can be on the hundredth position for text, but in first place for pictures, if you type the same query.

The advantage of promoting the site with images is that few people use this option for promotion. Thanks to the low competition can achieve good results popularizing your project on the Internet.


The exact work of the algorithms for displaying images on the page with search results is kept secret. Despite this, there are certain principles of promotion of the site images, which should be observed.

Each picture has a number of attributes: ALT, TITLE, SRC. Webmaster to publish the image should use these attributes properly, so that the search engine can recognize the picture. TITLE is the title of the image, in which to put the main point. ALT is a description of the picture, this attribute also needs to be filled in. The same goes for the other attributes that each picture posted on the Internet

The result of the images also affects the text content on the page

Search engines have now learned to recognize images in pictures. Whereas previously search engines were only guided by attributes and text content, now they have the ability to determine, with a high degree of probability, what is shown in a particular picture published on the site.


Promoting the site with pictures is not an easy process, which requires from the webmaster painstaking work, but the prospects of popularization of the project in this way, of course, are. The efficiency of promotion depends on how much time you will devote to publishing images on your site.

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